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    Major points in Jiading district government work report for 2015

    By Gao Yun, governor of Jiading district, at the seventh session of the fifth Jiading District People’s Congress on Jan 19.

    Review of work in 2014

    1. Promote qualified economic development

    Major economic indicators maintain a steady growth. The gross domestic product (GDP) reached 163.02 billion yuan ($26 billion), an increase of 8.6 percent over the previous year. The output of industrial enterprises, each with an annual revenue of 20 million yuan or higher, reached 508.27 billion yuan, rising by 7.1 percent year-on-year. Government revenue rose by 13 percent, reaching 74.57 billion yuan.

    Total commodity sales reached 427.98 billion yuan and total retail sales of consumer goods 71.41 billion yuan, up 12.6 percent and 26.5 percent respectively. The district had inked fixed asset investments of 48.51 billion yuan. The per capita disposable income of urban residents rose by 10.2 percent, reaching 40,042 yuan, while the per capita net income of rural residents rose by 11 percent, reaching 23,831 yuan.

    Key industries developed fast. The output of automobile industry and automobile parts industry reached 364.56 billion yuan, a growth of 10 percent year-on-year, accounting for 71.7 percent of total industrial output in the district.

    Three more multinational enterprises launched their headquarters in Jiading last year and the district now has 43 headquarters, research and development centers as well as sales centers of multinational enterprises.

    As a cross-border e-commerce pilot zone set by Shanghai Customs, Jiading is expected to see its e-commerce trade volume exceed 100 billion yuan, up 30 percent by the previous year. It has also attracted more than 400 video game companies till now.

    More automobile goods trading platform and small and medium-sized enterprises credit financing platform were established, while the construction of Shanghai Financial Valley and Shanghai Automobile Industry Financial Center has been accelerated.

    A total of 70 companies within the district were qualified as high-tech enterprises last year. Innovation incubators were set up to encourage a faster development driven by innovation. Various kinds of market entities increased by 23,000, with a total registered capital of 75.6 billion yuan. There are nine companies listed in the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, 17 companies listed in the new board and 83 companies listed in E board of Shanghai Equity Exchange. The brand influence of Shanghai Jiading Venture Capital was further expanded. So far it has invested in 33 funds at a combined scale of 21.6 billion yuan, investing in nearly 200 projects.

    2. Improve urban functions

    Speed up the construction of shopping malls, first class hotels and neighborhood centers in Jiading New City. The Shanghai Poly Theater officially opened and has launched 42 shows, attracting 36,000 visitors. The district’s Work’s Culture Hall finished its construction, which will enrich cultural functions of the New City.

    Renovation of the old town is smoothly implemented. Improve the renovation plan of Ximen area with unique historical and cultural features. Improve the environment of Zhouqiao region and water quality of Shixin River in the old town. In Anting area, the Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgical Hospital and the National Center for Science in hepatocellular carcinoma were established.

    Keep on improving city infrastructure. Taihe Water Plant and Dazhong Sewage Plant were expanded, while Nanxiang Sewage Plant is being built. Jiading district renewable energy center has passed the environmental assessment. The second phase of renovation on S5, or Shanghai-Jiading expressway, Jiading section, was completed. The S6 Shanghai-Nanxiang expressway and north section of Jiading-Minhang elevated road were opened to traffic. Shanghai-Yixing expressway is under renovation. Work has been done to open or adjust 18 bus lines, meanwhile 75 buses were put into use or renovated.

    In the countryside, a 672,000-squaremeter residential area for farmers was completed. The district now has 53 family farms, involving a total of grain acreage of 6,705 mu (447 hectares). A total of 8,400 mu of farmland were reclaimed.

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