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  • 2012/11/15
    US beverage giant PepsiCo Inc opened an innovation center in Shanghai on Tuesday to reinforce its expansion in Asia....
  • 2012/06/01
    It is an early summer day in an old neighborhood southwest of Shanghai, and shrubs are blossoming around benches on which people sit and chat. As one of the world's busiest and most intensely managed public spaces, Shanghai now has a whole other whirl of activity and social interaction going on, one...
  • 2012/05/16
    "R D cooperation with local partners allows foreign companies to develop local tailored products and makes them easier to get industry registration and approval, which mean increasing commercial efficiency and declining administration costs," said Ji Xuwo at CITIC Securities Co. Many international d...
  • 2012/05/11
    The ancient capital of Nanjing builds on historic strengths to position itself as location for overseas investmentThe roads are being widened, the airport is being expanded, and public services are being improved - there is a lot going on in Nanjing, "the capital of six dynasties" whose history date...
  • 2011/04/22
    After overhead roads, tunnels, bridges and track transportation, the construction of Shanghai's public transportation now enters a new period -- the establishment of public bicycle system. Recently, Pudong's Zhangjiang Public Bicycle system made another expansion by increasing 50 service points to t...
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